What is Customer Satisfaction Management?

Customer satisfaction management is an often overlooked facet of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that is focused on maximizing customer loyalty and retention through understanding and responding to customer feedback. 

Newton Computing offers software designed specifically for this crucial aspect of customer care.  It is called Newton CIA (Customer Intelligence Administration), and you can download a free single PC demo version with this link.  Or learn more about Newton CIA.

  • We also offer a free tool for estimating what customer satisfaction problems may be costing your firm.  Download "A Satisfaction Test" (12 MB) to find out.

While CRM is generally concerned with identifying, acquiring and maximizing the value of customers, customer satisfaction management has a different focus.  That focus is on the research proven fact that you can improve profitability by doing two things:

1) Collecting information (customer feedback) on how your products/services are perceived by and performing in the market, and;

2) Responding to that feedback in the best and most timely manner. 

These efforts will allow you to improve your market perception and performance, and thus, your profitability.

Why Invest in Customer Satisfaction Management?

If you are not handling, tracking and analyzing your customer feedback on a consistent basis, you are losing valuable information.  In the most basic sense, John Goodman (a founder of TARP, the leading consulting firm in the satisfaction management industry) puts it this way:

"Service transactions are the single largest driver of customer loyalty after problem experience. If you don't measure, you don't know how much revenue you are leaving on the table, and you are unaware of what percentage of your service expense is unnecessary due to handling issues multiple times." 

You can learn more about customer satisfaction management from articles published by TARP's staff (all available as Adobe  PDF documents, with the Adobe Reader also available).

  • Basic Facts on Customer Complaint Behavior and the Impact of Service on the Bottom Line, by John Goodman, in Competitive Advantage, - Download

  • Understanding Customer Behavior and Complaints, by John Goodman and Steve Newman, in Quality Progress  - Download

  • Making Delight a Part of Your Marketing Strategy, by John Goodman and Cindy Grimm - Download

  • Selling Quality to the CFO, by John Goodman, Pat O'Brien and Eden Segal, in Quality Progress - Download

The Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free: 


  • Newton Computing wishes to thank TARP, the leader in customer satisfaction measurement, for permission to reference and offer their insights into customer satisfaction and loyalty.  You can learn more about TARP and their services by clicking on their logo below:

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