The Overlooked Facet Of CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has many facets, from contact management to service.  When selecting CRM software, you're faced with numerous options.  You can select from large vendors who try to provide an all-inclusive, yet sometimes ill fitting, solution.  You can also try to assemble best-of-breed options from several sources.  Tough choices, either way.

The last piece of the puzzle...  Yet there is one facet of CRM that has not received much attention from either group of vendors.  That facet is the handling and evaluation of customer feedback.  Many top name software packages assume that customer feedback can be just shoe-horned in with general service or returns functions - which may be a rough fit if your offering involves frequent customer contact after the sale.  But those packages still don't include all the specific tools necessary to respond to an upset customer.  If your product or service doesn't involve frequent customer contact, however, using a package without customer response tools is like trying to press the proverbial square peg into a round hole.  Newton Computing offers software designed specifically for this crucial aspect of customer care.  It is called Newton CIA (Customer Intelligence Administration), and you can download a free single PC demo version with this link.

  • We also offer a free tool for estimating what customer satisfaction problems may be costing your firm.  Download "A Satisfaction Test" (12 MB) to find out.

A missed opportunity...  Even if your business allows feedback to be handled as service/returns, few of the vendors attempt to evaluate (learn from) this feedback.  In truth, customer feedback is valuable information, which can help you see trends in how your offering is performing in the market.  You can learn if there is confusion about your product or service, or if expectations are not being met.  You can even identify crucial performance problems, long before word of them falls into the hands of the mass media.  All of which have an impact on customer retention, and thus long term profitability.

Use the right tool...  Newton CIA is designed for this overlooked facet of Customer Relationship Management.  It will help you handle customer complaints, questions and comments effectively and efficiently - while at the same time collecting and monitoring your customer feedback.  It can also be adapted to extract feedback data from your other business systems, ensuring that all of your feedback channels are covered.

Learn more...  If you think customer feedback handling and evaluation could be important to your bottom line, then we invite you to learn more about Newton CIA.

Newton CIA - Software For Maximizing Customer Satisfaction

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